The Perfect Fusion: An Infiniti G35 Coupe with a Nissan GT-R Facelift

The Infiniti has undergone some major visual changes, giving it a striking resemblance to the iconic Godzilla. The front of the car has been significantly modified to achieve this unique look.

 This Infiniti G35 Coupe Wears A Nissan GT-R Face Quite Nicely

In some countries, the Infiniti G35 Coupe was marketed as the Nissan Skyline V35 Coupe. The owner of this car seems to have been inspired by the Skyline GT-R and decided to fuse design aspects from two different Japanese sports cars. As a result, this particular G35 now boasts front panels that were taken from a GT-R R35.

In 2002, the G35 Coupe was introduced to the public as a car that shared its platform and engine with the Nissan 350Z. However, this particular vehicle has undergone significant modifications that give it a distinct appearance from certain perspectives.

The vehicle’s front end has been customized by the owner, who installed a Nissan GT-R bumper, headlights, bonnet, and fenders that match the rest of the car’s structure perfectly. While the model’s proportions differ from those of the GT-R, onlookers who catch a glimpse of it in their rear-view mirrors will undoubtedly be impressed.

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